Tuesday, 19 February 2013

22 January 2013

Assalamualaikum guys !!!!!

Okay, today our class was not cancel. Heeeee. Okay, Miss Zu said tomorrow she will not be in the class but she asked to go to the library and complete our blog. Yeay ! ! ! Okay, Miss Zu want volunteer for present the introduction and thesis statement but nobody want to be a volunteer. Miss Zu was angry because nobody     to present. So, the lucky group to presented is Faiz Adha and Fikri. They showed the slide and Miss Zu asked to them how many thesis statement you did and they just only one thesis statement. I saw Miss very disappointed. Hmmmm. Totally Miss Zu rejected their thesis and introduction. The second group to presented are Salihin with his partner (Faiz). After they presented Miss Zu comment and Miss corrected their sentences. Again Miss Zu said our grammar is SUCK ! ! ! ! Oh my... Miss Zu said that she hated those people dont know grammar. Oh Oh. Lastly, Miss Zu accepted their thesis statement. Okay.

The third volunteer is Acap and Asnawi. They did not do thesis statement. Okay. And now Miss very angry. huuuuuu. So, our  presentation continued next week and tomorrow Miss Zu want us to make the group for argumentative and cause and effect to discussed the thesis statement and introduction. Our class dismissed at 6pm.


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