Tuesday, 19 February 2013

30 January 2013

Assalamualaikum guys ! ! !

So today we continue our presentation. Asnawi and Acap was presented today. After they presented Miss Zu asked them to find the mistake in their thesis statement. We cannot and we dont know the answer. Miss Zu was angry. Heeeee. After finish all that Miss Zu want to see our introduction by group. So this is our introduction.

“I love teaching and lecturing my students but the institution needs to take better care of their employees’ benefits which I see none in the contract” (Syazwa Nabila Binti Ridzuan, 2013). She has worked as part time lecturer in UITM already quit from the work because of she feel unappreciated regardless of the hard work that she has done for the job. The contract is flawed in so many ways until she can easily feel intimidated and oppressed by the institution. Have you ever heard about part time lecturers, scheme? Do part of your family and friends also have an experience about it? Usually, part time lecturer’s was found in Universiti Teknologi Mara which have twenty five campuses in Malaysia. According to Joshua, New Straits Times reporter, “Suspension become imperative in view of the fact that some universities run part-time programmers illegally and some other cases the institution have over- bloated population in the admission process”. Everyone knows that UITM have very talented lecturers that have highest certificate from inside and outside of the country. UITM is a good institution which take a good care about their reputation and give an attention for the students’ results also their students’ beneficial. These institutions also do take the fresh graduated students to work with them which is called part-time lecturer.

Miss Zu commented our introduction and Miss want us to fix it and make the introduction interesting. Alhamdullilah, Miss Zu was not angry. Heeee. Our class dismissed at 6 pm.


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