Tuesday, 19 February 2013

29 January 2013

Assalamualaikum guys !!!

Today I am alone because my partner ( Nadia) and my friends (Ita and Nabila) absent :(. Its okay. Enter the class  I saw Miss Zu was angry because we came late. Miss Zu called volunteer from cause and effect to presented first. So the first volunteer is Acap and Nawi. For the second time their thesis statement was rejected by Miss Zu. Poor them. Miss called the next group.The next group is Atira and Ana. After they presented Miss Zu comment their thesis statement and Miss disappointed with them. Miss also rejected their thesis statement. So, its my turn to present. Seriously, I cant breath. I am so nervous. Izani helped me and I started present. Miss corrected my thesis statement to be like this......

"Although part time lecturer’s scheme gives experience, temporary income and creates a lovely teaching and learning environment, there are strong evidences that the scheme manipulates the part time lecturers in so many ways. "

So my thesis statement was accepted. Alhamdullillah. Our class dismissed at 6 pm.


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