Sunday, 16 December 2012

my view of blogging

Assalamualaikum guys !

My view of blogging? Okay. Blogging is very interesting activity because we can write anything such as your feeling. We also can release our tension right. Seriously I like blogging but blogging in Malay. Heeee. Okay, before this I has a blog and every expression  I wrote in my blog. When Miss Zu asked to us to created the blog, I felt very happy but I must wrote the sentence in English word not Malay. It is okay. I hope when I blogging by using English word I can improve my grammar and also writing. InsyaAllah.


my view of writing

Assalamualaikum guys.

Okay, for me writing is difficult. Especially when writing in English. Seriously I do not like it. Argghhh! Why I do not like it? Yeah, because of I do not like to think about grammar. Especially past tense, present tense and others. Haaaa. That's why I do not like it. Since I was in primary school, I am very weak in writing even in Bahasa Melayu.  Everytime my teacher or my lecturer asked to do writing, I feel very lazy, boring and will make me feel angry because I must thinking to make a perfect and good sentences. I hope someday I can writing with the best sentences.


12. 12. 2012

Assalamualaikum guys !

Today our class at Sri Laksamana. Miss Zu asked to us create our blog. So, I created my blog and follow my friends. Miss Zu came and commented my writing. She said my grammar very bad.  She taught me a little bit about basic of grammar such as singular and plural.

After that Miss Zu asked to us to search about one topic in newspaper and we must elaborate the point. Next week she want seven entries and one topic from newspaper and we will present the topic.


Saturday, 15 December 2012

11 DECEMBER 2012


Today, we continue our presentation about four fact about your partner. After finish all presentation, our lecturer, Miss Zu gave us new activity. The new activity is " That's Shocking". Miss Zu asked us to wrote four fact about ourselves that can make our friends shock. In 10 minutes we wrote the fact. I think we read it by ourselves but Miss Zu told that we must give the paper to classmate and your friends will read your four fact at infront. Before we gave the paper to our friends Miss Zu asked we to create the paper like rocket's origami then fly it to our friends.

Time to present. I'm so nervous. Suddenly, I heard my fact was read by Asnawi. After he read , my turn to read paper that I got. After I read at infront, my turn to guess  who's paper belong to. 

My friends said Salihin and its true. The paper belongs to lihin. After finish the activity, Miss Zu told tomorrow our class at SL and we will create our blog tomorrow.


Ten December 2012


Okay, today our class start at 2 o'clock at Dewan Sri Peria. Today we are supposed to present our second activity. Our second activity are introduce our partner and give four fact about our partner to classmate. Okay, I feel so nervous and can't breathing. Arghhhh ! Guess what. I am number one would present the activity. Why me? When Miss Zu said " I want to call number 14, where is number 14?" I asked to my friends, " Eh, my number is 14 right?" and my friends said yes. Oh ! Again. Why me !!! Suddenly, my hand was shaking like blender. Oh god !

 Asnawi introduced about me first and suddenly Miss Zu said " What are the reason for four fact ?" Haa? Reason? Okay, last week she said she want the four fact with the reason. Seriously, I cannot remember that. Hm. Miss Zu asked we to do the reason. I saw Miss Zu very disappointed with us. Sorry Miss Zu. After finish presentation, I and Nawi asked to our friends which one is false about our four fact. Then, finish my presentation, we called other name to present. This activity very funny and interesting. This activity continue tomorrow.


Friday, 14 December 2012

4 December 2012


Today is second day for Bell 311 class. At U 214 our class was started. Okay, today Miss Zu just asked about writing. She told about argumentative, compare and contrast and discussion. She also said about our on going assessment and mark for assessment. She told for outline- 5 marks, for draft it divided by two first and second- 10 marks and final project - 15 marks. After Miss Zu explained all that she gave a new activity. The name of activity was 4 fact about my friends. She asked we to counted from 1 until 14. I am the lasted person and Asnawi is my partner. Okay, Miss Zu explained to us how to do the activity. She said this activity we do tomorrow and she will call any number from 1 until 14 to present at infront. Seriously, I am so nervous and ready for tomorrow.


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Third December 2012

Today is my first class for Bell 311 at Dewan Sri Pria. Oh, i hope our lecturer is not strict person. This is because, last semester my lecturer very strict person. At  2.00 pm our class was started. Okay, our lecturer is pretty women and she is very talkative person. She explained to us about Bel 311 and she asked to created a new blog for this subject. Suddenly, she asked we to counted from 1 until 13.  She did first activity.

The name of activity was circle of network. We must asked each other about myself. Very cool activity right? I know a lot of information about my friends especially Nadia, Rozita and Nabila. Miss Zu gave 10 minutes to asked and after 10 minutes we switch to the left and asked to another person. Faiz( jawa) asked me "What do yo do when your semester break?". I told that i was sleeping and eating everyday in my semester break. He so disappointed and said " do yo know sleeping and eating without exercises is not good for your health!" Okay Faiz, I know but I am very lazy to do all that you know. Never mind Faiz. Now turn to asked Nad about "Suzuki Cup". She told me, she very like Wan Zack. Who Wan Zack? Before the end of our class, Miss Zu remnd us to bought yellow fail and text book.