Monday, 14 January 2013

14 JANUARY 2013

Assalamualaikum guys ! ! ! 

Okay, today Miss Zu have a new activity. Debates is a name of activity for today. The sounds like interesting right. HEHEHE. Miss Zu explained to us a little bit about debates. Seriously, I like debates but debates in Malay.  Miss Zu asked to us to count 1 until 4. So my number is number 2. Automatically, I group number 2. My members in this group is Shafika, Ika, Ani, Hakimah, Fikri, Wassim and me. We as a opponent side and the government side is Nabila, Dieba, Sara, Izani, Ana, Acap and Faiz Adha. Miss gave us the topic and we must elaborate the topic whether we agree or disagree the topic. 

So, this is our topic: 

"Is it consider cheating when your partner (girlfriend/ boyfriend/ husband/ wife) was checking on other beautiful girls/ boys/ men / women on facebook like poking, liking and etc." 

Miss Zu gave us 30 minutes to find the point. Miss Zu also gave us used the computer to search information in the internet. So this is our point :
1. As a medium for a social networking. Nowadays, everyone has a social networking like facebook, twitter or Instagram. It is just a medium for us to make a new friend or even to keep in touch with our friend. So, we should become open minded.

2. To contact with old friend and family that live far. In my opinion, it is not consider cheating if we are contact with our old friend or family that live far away to know their latest news

3. For run a business or event. For example, when a married person spend their time on facebook it doesn't means that they are cheating or flirting with other men/ women. Maybe, they run their business through facebook or to informed other people about their event.

4. Poke, like and comment button. The button is already there on the facebook page. What is the purpose doing the button if we are not use it.

5. a statement that are funny or interesting. Some people like or comment their status because they think it's funny or interesting. Not because of other intention.

6. Relationship is based on trust. If we are trust and honest with each other, they will be no problem. 

7. depends on our body language or intention.


After gave all the point we must do the conclusion. The conclusion for our group is Facebook is just a medium for a social networking. It's depends on our intention whether to use facebook page as medium to make a new friend, to run a business or just used facebook to cheat or flirt on girls/boys

Okay, For the second group to presented is group number 4 and 5.  Their topic is 

"Is it true that men are easy to work with and more creative than women especially when it involves group work?"

this group as government side

this opponent side

After finish the debates Miss Zu asked to us to chose the winner whether group 1 or 2 and 4 or 5. So, our group won this debates between group 1 and 2. For the group 4 and 5, the winner is group opponent side. For the best debator is Faiz Adha and Rozita. Our class dismissed at 4.00pm. 


Sunday, 13 January 2013

9 January 2013

Assalamualaikum guys ! ! !

Okay guys, today our class at Sri Laksamana. Hurmm, today Miss Zu asked to complete our blog. So, I completed my blog and edited the blog. Miss gave us 40 minutes to complete it. I edited my entry with copied my table of journal and so on. After that, Miss Zu asked to us to commented our friend's blog. Hohoho, seriously I like it. I commented Faiz adha's blog, Fikri's blog and so on. Miss Zu asked to us to commented other blog by using proper sentences. Okay Miss :). After commented the blog, our class dismissed at 6.00pm.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Process of choosing topic for our term paper . . . . =_='

Assalamualaikum guys ! ! ! !

Okay, my entry for today is process of choosing term paper's topic. Do you know, term paper is very important for us because this mark will be influence our finale's mark. So, we must find the current issued to do the essay. Seriously, its very hard because not all current issued will approved by Miss Zu. Me and Nadia search the current issues and chose a this topic such as about AES, Samsung versus Iphone, Silent diseases and part time and full time lecturer.


 For your information, our grouped consider to chose part time and full time lecturer because our last semester's lecturer suggested this topic. She said this topic very interesting and nobody do this topic. Thank you Miss. :)  After that, we search the information in the Internet, seriously I said information for this topic on the Internet is too little. So, we decided to search the information in the UITM's library portal. Alhamdulliah, we found this issued. We presented this topic to Miss Zu and Miss said our topic is quite interesting. The type of essay will be write is argumentative. 
Okay, this is our source's link




So, if you want to read, you can click at the link. Okay, after search all the material, Miss Zu asked to do the table to record details of our sources.

For online magazine:

For online databases:

For the article



At the top is our part of sources. 


8 January 2013

Assalamualaikum guys ! ! !

Today Miss Zu want to saw a blog. Miss Zu called some name and the lucky person is Nadia Zamri. Nadia showed her blog to us. Miss comment the sentences in Nadia's blog is too simple. Miss said, we also can put  any link to make our blog interesting. After Miss saw Nadia's blog, Miss remind to us that tomorrow we must comment our friends blog.

Today Miss Zu discussed about fact and opinion. Okay, for your information facts is come a lot of idea and opinion is specific detail that can be prove as true based on objective evidence. Today Miss prepared some activity. Guess what ? ? ?


Okay, this box have many things that we must sell to other. So, we will be a seller. HEEE. So the things are

Okay, our grouped picked a coconut milk. 

ayam brand ! ! !

So, our tasked is to do 5 fact and 5 opinion and be the seller at in front. After that, we must asked to friends and asked to them to guess  whether is fact or opinion. Okay, our grouped is number four. My member in grouped number four is Izani, Faiz, Faiz Adha and Sarah. Time to present. The first grouped to presented is

rozita's grouped

The second grouped is

ijat's grouped
Third grouped is

salihin's grouped
Okay, this time is our grouped presented.

The fifth grouped is 

Do you know??? Our grouped WON in this game ! Yeah ! I love it. :) Our class dismissed at 6 pm.

7 January 2013

Assalamualaikum guys ! ! !

As usual every Monday our class at Dewan Sri Peria. Before enter the class Miss Zu asked to us to brought our laptop because she want us to comment our friends blog. Suddenly, after we switch on our laptop then search student's wifi, the wifi cannot be used. So, Miss Zu said we go to the library and did at library. Oh, why library ? ?. My bag is too heavy because of I put my laptop in my bag. Arrived at library, the wifi also cannot used. Oh God ! Seriously, I'm so tired. Miss Zu asked to us to used computer's library. Our class dismissed after 6pm.

2nd January 2013

Assalamualaikum guys ! ! !

Today Miss Zu asked to open the I learn website and asked to us to do the quiz online. She told that the it can do start by today until 13 January 2013. After that, Miss called Sarah's group and Zubaidah's group to present their outline. Miss Zu still not satisfied with their outline. Hurm. So difficult to do it. After they presentation their topic, Miss Zu showed FINDING MAIN IDEAS. Miss Zu explained what is finding main ideas. It contain stated and unstated. For stated it has transition signal but unstated is the main idea has there but it hidden.

 Miss Zu gave us some example such as  AREA CODES ---> FUNCTION/ FACTS---> DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. So,  we do the sentence construction. I did the sentences like this THERE ARE MANY FACT OF AREA CODES AT DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. Miss Zu many example, suddenly Miss Zu asked me to read my answer. I'm very shocked. I read my answer but Miss Zu said my sentences have two answer. Miss Zu helped me to corrected my answer.

After did the exercise, Miss Zu divided us to four group and each group have 6 people. Miss Zu showed some video clips to us and we should find the main ideas in the video clips. After saw the video clips we wrote the main idea on paper and presented at friends. We winning this game. Very happy and interesting game.


1st January 2013

Assalamualaikum guys ! ! ! !

Today our class start at 4pm until 6pm. Before we start our lesson, Miss Zu want to discussed the exercises that her gave yesterday. Miss Zu called name to read their answered.After that, we start our lesson. Today, Miss Zu teach us about summarising. Okay, summarising is the reproduction of a passage using fewer words.Miss Zu introduced to us about "MIDAS Touch!"


M main idea : identify main idea from topic sentence


I Identify supporting detail


D Disregard unimportant information


A Analyze redundant information


S Simplify, categorize and highlight important information



As usual, Miss Zu gave us some example to do and discussed together. After finish did the example, we discussed. Today our class dismissed early because Miss Zu have a meeting.




31st december 2012

Assalamualaikum guys ! ! ! !

Paraphrasing is the topic will we learn for today. Miss Zu explained to us a lot about paraphrasing. For your information paraphrasing means expressing someone else's ideas using your own ideas using your own word. It is a way of presenting a text using different word and pharases without changing its original meaning. Okay, Miss Zu gave a lot of example to us to did together.

Before we dismissed our class , Miss Zu gave us some exercises about paraphrasing in the textbook. Miss Zu asked to do the exercises and she want to discuss it together.


19 december 2012

Assalamualaikum guys ! ! ! :)

Okay, as usual, every Wednesday our class start at 4 pm until 6 pm. Today we should continue our presentation about the outline for term paper. Today Miss Zu satisfied with our outline. Alhamdulilah. She satisfied with our outline but she not satisfied with our grammar. Miss Zu said that our grammar is very SUCK, SUCK, SUCK !. Sorry Miss Zu. We know our grammar too bad. So, Miss Zu helped us to corrected our sentences.

Miss Zu called next grouped to present at infront. So, me and Nadia volunteer to goes infront before Miss Zu angry. Seriously, we are very nervous at in front because we do not want Miss Zu reject our outline. Okay, we started the presentation with the topic of outline is "PART TIME AND FULL TIME LECTURER IN UITM." Miss Zu said our outline is quite interesting and she admonish our sentences. Miss Zu want us to showed our material but I said to Miss Zu our material at room and I'm not copy yet. Miss Zu said its okay and she approved our outline. Alhamdulilah. Thanks God. Miss Zu also another group's outline but Sarah's group and Zubaidah's group Miss Zu not approved because their topic is too common. She remind to us to give our full name, matrix number, topic and type of essay to Athirah. So, I gave all my group information to her. Our class dismissed at 6pm.


18 december 2012

Assalamualaikum guys !

Today is second class for this week. Today Miss Zu want us to show our broad topic, narrowed topic and lastly focused topic for our term paper. Term paper is very important to us because it will influence our mark for final. So, we must find the best current issued to do the term paper. Okay, Miss Zu was called anyone or volunteer to present their topic at behind.So, the volunteer to present their topic is Sarah and Shafikah. Sarah showed the slide and Shafikah presented their topic .

After they presented, Miss Zu asked them  "Why you choose this topic?". Shafikah and Sarah answered Miss Zu's question. Unfortunately, Miss Zu was rejected their topic. I'm so very sympathy to us. Second volunteer to present their topic is Ika and Cik Fa. As usual, they presented their topic but after that Miss Zu commented their topic and Miss Zu was rejected their topic. Miss Zu said their topic is too common. I saw Miss Zu not interested with our topic and she very disappointed with our topic.

Miss Zu again explained to us how to do the narrow topic, and others. After she explained it, we understood what type of topic she want. The presentation continue tomorrow and I hope Miss Zu will accept our topic for term paper. InsyaAllah.


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

17 December 2012


Okay, as usual every Monday our class at Dewan Sri Peria. Today Miss Zu explain to us about GRAMMAR. Hohoho. Why must grammar Miss Zu? Hehehe. Remember, Miss Zu was told that our grammar very bad. So, she decided to teaches us a little bit about grammar. Miss Zu explained to us basic of grammar such as simple past tense, past continues and past perfect tense.

 She explained it one by one. She explained about simple past tense and give some example to make us easy to understood. For present continues tense, she said it the things happen right now and it use is, are or am. For example "She is typing a paper for her class". Many example and explanation Miss Zu prepared for us. Thank you Miss Zu. We very appreciated miss. I hope by learning the lesson my grammar will improve. InsyaAllah.