Sunday, 24 March 2013

last thing :)

Assalamualaikum guys ! ! !

what have i learnt in Bell 311 in this semester and what i'm expect in my result.

Okay, what i have i learnt in Bel 311 in this semester is i learnt a lot of new thing such as new words, new friends and also new problem. HAHA. The problem is Term paper. Seriously is not easy to do the term paper. Term paper will influence my final mark so I must do the best. I hope i can get A in Bel 311 for this semester. Amin

what does blogging teach me in Bel 311?

Actually, blogging also teach me in Bel 311 because by blogging I can improve my knowledge about grammar and so on. Blogging also teach me to be a patient person because we do the blog every 3 day per week. A lot of information must we put in the blog. By blogging I also can improve my grammar.  Hopefully, it can help me in final exam. amin.

expressing my thoughts via blogging.

 I think is a good way to expressing all my thought via blogging. Like Miss Zu said You must blogging like Lisa Surihani in "Istanbul Aku Datang". Just express all feeling in the blog without thinking anything. Every 3 days per week i will update my blog and all my feeling in Bel 311 I express in my blog. Angry, hate, tired, all my feeling i write in my blog. It is not easy right. But i must do it. :)

 writing skills have improved ?

of course my writing skill improved. From empty to know to do the many type of grammar. discussion essay, argumentative essay, cause and effect essay and so on. I can writing the essay better than before. I hope I can do my best in final exam at part essay. Amin. :) 

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  1. Your thought same goes like me. Its hard to the term paper, right ? Its need fully psychically and also mentally to do term paper. Insyaallah, we all can perform well in final, amin