Wednesday, 6 March 2013

replacement class :(

Assalamualaikum guys ! !

Today, we replace our class at SL. I'm late to the class. HEHE. Sorry Miss. :) Miss said that she waiting us 25 minutes. Poor miss. Miss teached and explained to us about problem solution essay. Miss explained to us one by one. Miss want us to do activity. Miss divide us into 5 groups and she want us to watch the video and do the essay based on the video. My members are Nadia, Nabila, Inayah and Bariah. Our topic is " WOMEN ABUSING MAN". The sound was interesting right? HEHEH.
My group got pattern number 1.

Introduction paragraph
Introduction stating the thesis statement
Body paragraph
Problem 1, with topic sentence
Problem 2, with topic sentence
Problem 3, with topic sentence
Solution 1, with topic sentence
Solution 2, with topic sentence
Solution 3, with topic sentence
Conclusion paragraph
Conclusion summarising the main ideas or restating the thesis statement

I decide to did the conclusion paragraph. Miss told that we can use the internet to search any kind of  information. At 9.40pm we must pass up the essay. My group are the last pass up. HEHE. Our class dismissed at 10pm. :)


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