Saturday, 15 December 2012

Ten December 2012


Okay, today our class start at 2 o'clock at Dewan Sri Peria. Today we are supposed to present our second activity. Our second activity are introduce our partner and give four fact about our partner to classmate. Okay, I feel so nervous and can't breathing. Arghhhh ! Guess what. I am number one would present the activity. Why me? When Miss Zu said " I want to call number 14, where is number 14?" I asked to my friends, " Eh, my number is 14 right?" and my friends said yes. Oh ! Again. Why me !!! Suddenly, my hand was shaking like blender. Oh god !

 Asnawi introduced about me first and suddenly Miss Zu said " What are the reason for four fact ?" Haa? Reason? Okay, last week she said she want the four fact with the reason. Seriously, I cannot remember that. Hm. Miss Zu asked we to do the reason. I saw Miss Zu very disappointed with us. Sorry Miss Zu. After finish presentation, I and Nawi asked to our friends which one is false about our four fact. Then, finish my presentation, we called other name to present. This activity very funny and interesting. This activity continue tomorrow.


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