Saturday, 15 December 2012

11 DECEMBER 2012


Today, we continue our presentation about four fact about your partner. After finish all presentation, our lecturer, Miss Zu gave us new activity. The new activity is " That's Shocking". Miss Zu asked us to wrote four fact about ourselves that can make our friends shock. In 10 minutes we wrote the fact. I think we read it by ourselves but Miss Zu told that we must give the paper to classmate and your friends will read your four fact at infront. Before we gave the paper to our friends Miss Zu asked we to create the paper like rocket's origami then fly it to our friends.

Time to present. I'm so nervous. Suddenly, I heard my fact was read by Asnawi. After he read , my turn to read paper that I got. After I read at infront, my turn to guess  who's paper belong to. 

My friends said Salihin and its true. The paper belongs to lihin. After finish the activity, Miss Zu told tomorrow our class at SL and we will create our blog tomorrow.


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