Thursday, 13 December 2012

Third December 2012

Today is my first class for Bell 311 at Dewan Sri Pria. Oh, i hope our lecturer is not strict person. This is because, last semester my lecturer very strict person. At  2.00 pm our class was started. Okay, our lecturer is pretty women and she is very talkative person. She explained to us about Bel 311 and she asked to created a new blog for this subject. Suddenly, she asked we to counted from 1 until 13.  She did first activity.

The name of activity was circle of network. We must asked each other about myself. Very cool activity right? I know a lot of information about my friends especially Nadia, Rozita and Nabila. Miss Zu gave 10 minutes to asked and after 10 minutes we switch to the left and asked to another person. Faiz( jawa) asked me "What do yo do when your semester break?". I told that i was sleeping and eating everyday in my semester break. He so disappointed and said " do yo know sleeping and eating without exercises is not good for your health!" Okay Faiz, I know but I am very lazy to do all that you know. Never mind Faiz. Now turn to asked Nad about "Suzuki Cup". She told me, she very like Wan Zack. Who Wan Zack? Before the end of our class, Miss Zu remnd us to bought yellow fail and text book.


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