Friday, 14 December 2012

4 December 2012


Today is second day for Bell 311 class. At U 214 our class was started. Okay, today Miss Zu just asked about writing. She told about argumentative, compare and contrast and discussion. She also said about our on going assessment and mark for assessment. She told for outline- 5 marks, for draft it divided by two first and second- 10 marks and final project - 15 marks. After Miss Zu explained all that she gave a new activity. The name of activity was 4 fact about my friends. She asked we to counted from 1 until 14. I am the lasted person and Asnawi is my partner. Okay, Miss Zu explained to us how to do the activity. She said this activity we do tomorrow and she will call any number from 1 until 14 to present at infront. Seriously, I am so nervous and ready for tomorrow.


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