Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Process of choosing topic for our term paper . . . . =_='

Assalamualaikum guys ! ! ! !

Okay, my entry for today is process of choosing term paper's topic. Do you know, term paper is very important for us because this mark will be influence our finale's mark. So, we must find the current issued to do the essay. Seriously, its very hard because not all current issued will approved by Miss Zu. Me and Nadia search the current issues and chose a this topic such as about AES, Samsung versus Iphone, Silent diseases and part time and full time lecturer.


 For your information, our grouped consider to chose part time and full time lecturer because our last semester's lecturer suggested this topic. She said this topic very interesting and nobody do this topic. Thank you Miss. :)  After that, we search the information in the Internet, seriously I said information for this topic on the Internet is too little. So, we decided to search the information in the UITM's library portal. Alhamdulliah, we found this issued. We presented this topic to Miss Zu and Miss said our topic is quite interesting. The type of essay will be write is argumentative. 
Okay, this is our source's link




So, if you want to read, you can click at the link. Okay, after search all the material, Miss Zu asked to do the table to record details of our sources.

For online magazine:

For online databases:

For the article



At the top is our part of sources. 


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  1. Great topic you have Nadia,its so interesting but to me its need a lot of reading right. :)