Tuesday, 1 January 2013

17 December 2012


Okay, as usual every Monday our class at Dewan Sri Peria. Today Miss Zu explain to us about GRAMMAR. Hohoho. Why must grammar Miss Zu? Hehehe. Remember, Miss Zu was told that our grammar very bad. So, she decided to teaches us a little bit about grammar. Miss Zu explained to us basic of grammar such as simple past tense, past continues and past perfect tense.

 She explained it one by one. She explained about simple past tense and give some example to make us easy to understood. For present continues tense, she said it the things happen right now and it use is, are or am. For example "She is typing a paper for her class". Many example and explanation Miss Zu prepared for us. Thank you Miss Zu. We very appreciated miss. I hope by learning the lesson my grammar will improve. InsyaAllah.

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