Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2nd January 2013

Assalamualaikum guys ! ! !

Today Miss Zu asked to open the I learn website and asked to us to do the quiz online. She told that the it can do start by today until 13 January 2013. After that, Miss called Sarah's group and Zubaidah's group to present their outline. Miss Zu still not satisfied with their outline. Hurm. So difficult to do it. After they presentation their topic, Miss Zu showed FINDING MAIN IDEAS. Miss Zu explained what is finding main ideas. It contain stated and unstated. For stated it has transition signal but unstated is the main idea has there but it hidden.

 Miss Zu gave us some example such as  AREA CODES ---> FUNCTION/ FACTS---> DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. So,  we do the sentence construction. I did the sentences like this THERE ARE MANY FACT OF AREA CODES AT DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. Miss Zu many example, suddenly Miss Zu asked me to read my answer. I'm very shocked. I read my answer but Miss Zu said my sentences have two answer. Miss Zu helped me to corrected my answer.

After did the exercise, Miss Zu divided us to four group and each group have 6 people. Miss Zu showed some video clips to us and we should find the main ideas in the video clips. After saw the video clips we wrote the main idea on paper and presented at friends. We winning this game. Very happy and interesting game.


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