Tuesday, 8 January 2013

18 december 2012

Assalamualaikum guys !

Today is second class for this week. Today Miss Zu want us to show our broad topic, narrowed topic and lastly focused topic for our term paper. Term paper is very important to us because it will influence our mark for final. So, we must find the best current issued to do the term paper. Okay, Miss Zu was called anyone or volunteer to present their topic at behind.So, the volunteer to present their topic is Sarah and Shafikah. Sarah showed the slide and Shafikah presented their topic .

After they presented, Miss Zu asked them  "Why you choose this topic?". Shafikah and Sarah answered Miss Zu's question. Unfortunately, Miss Zu was rejected their topic. I'm so very sympathy to us. Second volunteer to present their topic is Ika and Cik Fa. As usual, they presented their topic but after that Miss Zu commented their topic and Miss Zu was rejected their topic. Miss Zu said their topic is too common. I saw Miss Zu not interested with our topic and she very disappointed with our topic.

Miss Zu again explained to us how to do the narrow topic, and others. After she explained it, we understood what type of topic she want. The presentation continue tomorrow and I hope Miss Zu will accept our topic for term paper. InsyaAllah.


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